Rosa Rose rugosa –


native rose to New England and has single petalled blooms

deciduous shrub

grow in mostly sunny site

numerous sizes available

R. rugosa – Hedge rose – Japanese rose – Ramanas rose – Sea tomato – Saltspray- Beach rose- Rugosa rose – This vigorous, species rose from Eastern Russia, Korea, Japan and by the seashores of China grows 3-10′ feet tall and wide.From very prickly canes it carries quilted, leathery, bright glossy green leaves, each composed of 7-9 rarely up to 11, narrowly oblong leaflets, up to 2″ long, which displays good autumn color.From spring to autumn it bears cupped, single, very fragrant, violet-carmine flowers, that are 3″ across, showing yellow stamens, held singly or in clusters of three’s.Flowers are followed by tomato shaped, orange-red hips..Good to use as a hedge.

var. alba – has large, pure white flowers, to 3 ½” across, opening from pale pink buds, followed by large tomato red hips

var. rosea– has rose pink flowers

var. rubra – f. rubra – has mauve red flowers

Zones 2-9