Sarcocapnos enneaphylla –

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Sarcocapnos –
There are 3 or 4 dwarf, tufted annuals or perennials in this genus. They are found naturally occurring from cliff crevices in mountains throughout Southwestern Europe and Northern Africa. They are grown for their fleshy, simple or 2 or 3 ternate, finely divided leaves, to 6″ long, and for their terminal racemes of spurred flowers, similar to those of Corydalis, which are borne in spring and summer. Grow in a scree bed or raised bed, or in a tufa, they are also delicate, short lived plants.
Grow in moderately fertile,, sharply drained, alkaline soil, in full sun with some midday shade, protect from excessive winter moisture.

S. enneaphylla – This tuft forming annual or short live perennial from Southern Spain and Morocco grows 6″ tall and wide. From brittle, branching stems it carries fern like, 2 or 3 ternate, blue-green leaves,, to 4″ long, consisting of ovate to elliptic leaflet with heart shaped bases. In spring, it bears racemes of 5-15 white or pink flowers, to 3/4″ long, with short spurs.
Zones 6-8