Sauromatum venosum – Sauromatum guttatum – Monarch of the East – Voodoo Lily –


Sauromatum –
There are 2 tuberous perennial in the Araceae family, in this genus. They naturally occur from woodlands and shady cliffs in the Himalayas and Africa. They are grown for their large spathes borne in spring or early summer, before the single, pedate, long stalked leaves,
Plant tubers 6″ deep in late winter in well drained, fertile, humus rich, neutral to slightly acidic soil in partial shade.

S. venosum – S. guttatum – Monarch of the East – Voodoo Lily – This tuberous perennial from the Himalayas grows 12-18″ tall. It produces oblong-lance shaped, yellowish or greenish white spathe, 12-28″ long, heavily spotted purple, with a foul smelling, greenish purple spadix to 14″ long, which is short lived, borne in late spring and early summer. The spathe is followed by a single, rounded leaf, to 15″ long, with many oblong-lance-shaped segments.
Zones 7-10