Schoenoplectus lacustris subsp. tabernaemontani – Zebra Rush – Club rush –


Schoenoplectus –
Formerly in the Scirpus genus, it is now about 80 evergreen, rhizomatous, marginal aquatic perennials and annuals in this genus, some invasive. They are found naturally occurring on the banks of lakes, and slow running streams, almost worldwide. It produces grass like leaves, which are often bronze below the water. In summer it bears insignificant red-brown flowers are borne in inflorescence on cylindrical or 3 angled, reed like stems 5-12″ tall. The plant described is grown for its striped stems, and is suitable for growing in a bog garden, or as a marginal aquatic plant in still or slow moving water.
Grow in fertile, wet soil, or in water up to 12″ deep, in full sun. In small pools, restrict growth by cutting back rhizomes annually.

S. lacustris subsp. tabernaemontani ‘Zebrinus’ – Zebra Rush – Club rush – This rhizomatous evergreen perennial grows 3-4′ feet tall and can spread to at least 2′ feet wide. From virtually leafless, gray green stems that are striped white, arising at intervals along the rhizome carry branched clusters, up to ½” across, of brown spikelets from early to late summer. Cut reverting stems back to the rhizomes.
Zones 6-9