Sciadopitys verticillata – Japanese Umbrella Pine –

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Sciadopitys – Japanese Umbrella Pine –
This sole species of a very slow growing evergreen, coniferous tree makes up this genus. Found naturally occurring in forest and very steep, rocky sites in Japan.. It has peeling, red brown bark, and the glossy, linear leaves, sometimes in fused pairs are borne in whorls at the shoot tips, like the spokes of an umbrella. Cones mature in about 18 months and have flattish scales. Use as a specimen tree for its unusual radiating foliage. S. verticillata can add texture to a landscape planting, border, or large rock garden.
Grow in humus rich, moderately fertile, moist, but well drained, neutral to slightly acidic soil, in full sun with some midday shade, or in partial shade.

S. verticillata – This conical or columnar conical tree from Southern Japan grows 30-70′ feet tall and 20-25′ feet wide. It has red brown bark, peeling in ribbons, and brown shoots. It produces linear, grooved, glossy, dark green leaves, 2-6″ long, olive green beneath, are borne in terminal stiff whorls of 15-30, and persist for 3 or 4 years. Single, oval female cones, 2-3″ long, mature in the second year. Spherical male cones, up to 3/8″ across, are held in clusters.
Zones 5-9