Seriphidium nutans – Artemisia nutans –

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Seriphidium –
There are about 130 annuals, herbaceous or evergreen perennials, and mainly evergreen sub-shrubs in this genus. They naturally occur from dry steppes, chaparral, and rocky or stony ground in Europe, Northern Africa, and temperate Asia and North America. They are grown for their silver or gray, alternate, simple, pinnatisect, often aromatic leaves.. Insignificant yellow to purple flowers, consisting of button like, petalless flowers, are borne in terminal or axillary spikes, panicles or racemes in summer or autumn. Grow in a shrub border. They tolerate adverse conditions and neglect.
Grow in poor to moderately fertile, sharply drained soil in full sun.

S. nutans – Artemisia nutans – This woody based, evergreen perennial from Southeastern Russia grows 3′ feet tall and 2′ feet wide. It produces 2 or 3 pinnatisect, aromatic, silvery gray leaves, up to 4″ long, with small linear lobes. In late summer and early autumn, bears pale yellow flowers, to 1/4″ across, in dense, leafy pyramidal panicles, to 5″ long.
Zzones 5-8