Shortia uniflora ‘Grandiflora’ – Nippon Bells – Schizocodon –


Shortia – Schizocodon –

There are 6 stemless, evergreen stoloniferous perennial, in this genus. They naturally occur in woodlands in Eastern Asia and one species is form North America. They produce rounded or heart shaped, toothed, leathery, glossy, usually dark green leaves often turn red in autumn and winter. In spring it bears bell, trumpet, or funnel shaped, white, blue, or deep pink flowers, with toothed or deeply fringed petals, are held singly or in terminal rather nodding racemes. These attractive shade loving plants are suitable for a rock garden, open glade in a woodland garden. They grow best in areas with cool, damp summers.

Grow in humus rich, leafy, moist but well drained, acidic soil in deep to partial shade. Difficult to grow in dry climates, even with frequent watering.

Prone to slugs and snails.

S. uniflora ‘Grandiflora’ – Nippon Bells – This vigorous, mat forming perennial from Japan grows 6″ tall and 10″ wide. It produces rounded, toothed, glossy, mid green leaves, up to 3″ long, heart shaped at the bases and with wavy edges. In spring, bears a profusion of solitary, widely bell shaped, shell pink flowers, 2″ across, with toothed petals.

Zones 5-8