Soldanella alpina – Alpine Snowbell – Snowbell –


Soldanella – Snowbell –

There are about 10 small, spring flowering, evergreen perennial, related to Primrose, in this genus. They are found naturally occurring in the mountains of Europe in alpin turf or among rocks, often flowering through the melting snow. All interbreed freely. They produce basal rosettes of long stalked, rounded or kidney shaped, leathery leaves. The nodding to pendent, funnel or bell shaped, purple to white flowers have fringed petals and are borne in umbels, rarley singly. Grow in a rock garden.

Grow in humus rich, moist, sharply drained soil in full sun with some midday shade, oor in partial shade in warm area.. Top dress with sharp grit, and protect from excessive winter moisture, Divide in early spring.

Prone to slugs and snails.

S. alpina – Alpine Snowbell – This clump forming perennial from Central and Southern Europe grows 5-6″ tall and wide. It produces thick, rounded to kidney shaped, dark green leaves, 1 ½” long. In early spring, each erect stem bears 2-5 nodding, bell shaped, lilac colored flowers, to ½’ long, with fringed petals cut to half their length, and marked red inside on their throats.

Zones 4-7