Sparganium natans – Sparganium minimum – Burr Reed –


Sparganium – Burr Reed –

There are about 21 deciduous or semi evergreen, rhizomatous, marginal aquatic perennials, in this genus. They are found widely distributed in temperate regions worldwide at the edges of lakes and rivers. Strong rhizomes support erect, linear, deep green, sometimes brown-green leaves, and bear spikes or racemes of inconspicuous, spherical, male and female flowers, followed by fleshy burr like fruits. Best grown in the shallows of a large wildlife pool.

Grow in large drifts in a shallow pool margin, to 18″ deep, in full sun or partial shade. In winter, leave the foliage to provide shelter for wild life. Remove dead foliage in spring. Divide in spring.

S. natans – S. minimum – This slender, floating, deciduous or semi evergreen, marginal aquatic perennial from arctic Eurasia and North America has an indefinite spread capability. It produces thin, flat, translucent, dark green, submerged, sometimes floating leaves, up to 16″ long. In summer, floating stems, 5′ feet long or more long, hold spherical, brownish green flowers, up to 3/4″ across, followed by ovoid, spiky, green or brown fruit, up to ½” across.

Zones 5-9