Spigelia marilandica – Indian Pink – Maryland Pinkroot – Pink Root – Worm Grass –


Spigelia – Pink Root – Worm Grass –

There are about 50 annuals or perennials in this genus. They are found naturally occurring in moist woods and thickets of North and South America. They produce opposite, hairless or softly hairy, smooth edged, ovate leaves.   Spigelias are grown for their tubular funnel shaped, red, yellow, or purple flowers, borne in cymes. Grow S. marilandica in a bed, border, or woodland garden.

Grow in any fertile, well drained soil in partial shade, or in full sun if soil remains moist. Divide in spring.

Prone to powdery mildew, and leaf spots.

S. marilandica – Indian Pink – Maryland Pinkroot – This clump forming perennial from Southeastern USA, grows to 24″ tall and 18″ wide.   It produces stalkless, ovate-lance shaped, mid green leaves, to 4″ long. From spring to summer it bears one sided cymes of tubular funnel shaped red flowers, to 2″ long with yellow insides.

Zones 5-9