Stenanthium gramineum var. robustum – Stenanthium robustum – Stenanthium angustifolium –

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Stenanthium –

There are about 5 bulbous perennial in this genus. They are found naturally occurring on moist slopes in grasslands, or open woodlands on Sakhalin Islands (Russia) and in North America.   They produce erect, grass like, mostly basal leaves and erect, slender stems bearing terminal racemes or panicles of small, bell or star shaped flowers. Grow in a border or in a woodland garden.

Plant bulbs 4″ deep in autumn, in moist   but well drained, moderately fertile, humus rich, neutral to acidic soil, in a sheltered site in partial shade.   Stenanthiums dislikes hot, dry conditions.

S. gramineum var. robustum – S. robustum – S. angustifolium – This bulbous perennial from Southeastern USA, grows 3-6′ feet tall. It produces 4 erect, linear, keeled, channeled, bright green, broad basal leaves, 12-16″ long. In summer it bears star shaped, fragrant, white or green flowers, to 3/4″ across, in dense, often arching panicles, to 24″ long.

Zones 7-9