Sternbergia sicula – Autumn Daffodil – Autumn Crocus –

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Sternbergia – Autumn Daffodil – Autumn Crocus

There are about 8 bulbous perennials in this genus. They are found naturally occurring on stony hillsides, in fields, and in sparse scrub or pine woodland from Southern Europe and Turkey to Central Asia. They are grown for their crocus-like, mainly solitary, funnel or goblet shaped, occasionally narrow tepaled and star like, usually bright yellow flowers, borne on leafless stems. The erect, basal leaves are linear or strap shaped to narrowly lance shaped. Grow in a sunny rock garden or bulb frame, most Sternbergia are intolerant of winter moisture.

Plant bulb 6″ deep in late summer, plant S. candida and S. fischeriana 8″ deep in sharply drained, moderately fertile soil in full sun. Allow large clumps to form, divide only if flowering is impaired.

Prone to narcissus viruses, narcissus bulb flies, and nematodes.

S. sicula – This variable, bulbous perennial from Italy, Greece and western Turkey grow to 3″ tall. It produces very narrow, strap shaped, dark green leaves, 10″ long, with central gray stripes, these emerge before or with the star shaped, deep yellow flowers, up to 1 ½” across, with rounded or pointed segments in autumn.

Zones 6-9