Helianthus ballad – Sunflower ‘Ballad’ –


Helianthus ballad


grow in full sun

comes in 1 gallon or larger pots

H. annuus – Common Sunflower – This fast growing annual from the USA to Central America grows 15′ feet tall and 2′ feet wide. From branched to unbranched, hairy stems it carries broadly oval to heart shaped, toothed, roughly hairy, mid to dark green leaves, 4-16″ long. In summer it bears large, daisy like flowers, to 12″ wide, with yellow petals and brown or purple centers, sometimes tinted red or purple. Tends to be leggy.

Grow in moderately fertile, humus rich, moist but well drained, neutral to alkaline soil in full sun. Sunflowers need long, hot summers, to flower well. Tall species and cultivars require support. Divide every 2-4 years to maintain vigor. Cut back to the ground when they finish flowering.Protect from wind.