Symplocos paniculata – Sapphireberry –

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Symplocos –

There are about 250 evergreen or deciduous trees and shrubs in this genus. They are found naturally occurring mainly in woodlands, from Eastern Asia to Australasia and in North and South America. They produce alternate, simple leaves. It bears star shaped, 5 petaled,, usually yellow or white flowers, singly, or in racemes, panicles, or spikes. Flowers are followed by blue, black, purple, or white ovoid fruits. Only S. paniculata is generally grown, for its flowers and fruit, grow in a shrub border. It fruits best when several seedlings are planted together.

Grow in fertile, moist bur well drained, neutral to acidic soil in full sun. Responds well to regular feedings.

S. paniculata – Sapphireberry – This deciduous, upright bushy shrub or spreading tree from the Himalayas and Eastern Asia grows 15′ feet tall and wide, in some rare cases to 40′ feet high.   It produces oval, finely toothed, sparsely hairy, dark green leaves, to 3″ long. In late spring to summer, small star shaped, sweet smelling white flowers, with many prominent stamens, are borne in terminal panicles, to 3″ long, followed by egg shaped, bright blue fruit, 1/4″ across.

Zones 5-8