Hoya – Wax Flower

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Hoya – Wax Flower

H. Carnosa – Wax Plant – vigorous stem rotting, succulent, often epiphytic climber with ovate, rigid, very fleshy leaves, to 3″ inches long, usually smooth and dark green, from late spring to autumn it bears dense umbels to 2 1/2″ inches across, of up to 20 star shaped, waxy, night scented pure white flowers, 1/2″ inches across, with red coronas, sometimes produce 2 or more umbels per stem

‘Picta’ – has leaves with creamy white edges.

indoors – grow in soil-based potting mix with equal parts added leaf mold, sharp sand, ground bark, and charcoal in indirect or bright filtered light. Maintain moderate to high humidity. Keep below 100 degrees farenheit. In growth water freely and apply balanced liquid fertilizer monthly, keep moist in winter. Provide support for climbers.

zones 12-15