Epipremnum aureum – Pothos –


Epipremnum aureum

easy and typical houseplant

can handle medium to low light

can survive a missed watering

great air purifier

Epipremnum –

There are about 8 species of evergreen, root clinging climbers, in this genus. They occur in forest from Southeastern Asia to the Western Pacific. They are grown for their attractive, alternate leaves, which may be smooth edged to pinnate, sometimes on the same plant. Leaves have juvenile and adult phases, adults leaves can be up to 24″ long. It bears spikes of tiny, petalles flowers are enclosed in spathes. Where not hardy, grow in a temperate or warm greenhouse, or as a houseplant.

Indoors grow in soil based potting mix in full or bright filtered light. In growth, water freely and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly, water lightly to moderately in winter. Provide the support of a moss pole if climbing.