Torreya californica – California Nutmeg – California Nutmeg Yew – Nutmeg Yew –

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Torreya – Nutmeg Yew –

There are 5-7 endangered dioecious or monoecious, evergreen coniferous shrubs or trees belonging to the Taxaceae family, in this genus. There are 4 species that naturally occur in East Asia and 2 that are native to North America. The flattened, lance shaped, spirally arranged or 2 ranked, like the Yew (Taxus) with pale undersides, but are hard and spine tipped. The common name refers to the single–seeded, oval female, cone like structures (“cones”), they may take 18-24 months to ripen, maturing to olive or plum-like fruits. The male cones are white and spherical. Nutmeg yews are vigorous, small to medium sized specimen trees.. T. californica thrives in areas with cool, damp summers, other species grow best in areas with summers that are warm and humid.

Able to adapt to a wide variety of soils, from chalk to heavy clay and poor sand but they prefer fertile, moist, but well drained soil in full sun or light, dappled shade. Shelter from cold drying winds.

Prone to root rot and needle blight.

T. californica – California Nutmeg – California Nutmeg Yew – This broadly conical tree from Central California grows 70-80′ feet tall and 25′ feet wide. From whorled pendulous branches, it carries spreading, 2 ranked, needle like yellowish green leaves up to 2 ½” long that taper to a point and are scented when crushed. It has red brown or brown bark, becoming scaly with age. It produces ellipsoid or egg shaped, purple green female cones, to 1 ½” long. Able to adapt to cool seaside climates.

Zones 7-11