Vinca difformis –


Vinca – Perwinkle –

There are 5-7 slender stemmed, evergreen sub shrubs and deciduous herbaceous perennials, within the Apocynaceae family in this genus.  They occur naturally in Europe, North Africa, and Russia.  They are grown for their opposite, simple, lanceolate to egg shaped, ½-3 ½” long, often variegated leaves, and for their showy, long stalked, star like or salverform flowers, each with 5 petal lobes, borne singly in the leaf axils.  Because they root where ever they touch, they are useful ground covers for a woodland garden, shrub border or shady bank, but may be invasive.  All parts may cause mild stomach upset if ingested.

Grow in any but very dry soil, in full sun (for best flowering) or partial shade.  To restrict growth cut back hard in early spring.  Divide in fall.

Prone to leaf hoppers, scale insects, aphids, leaf spot, and  dieback.

 Vinca difformis – This prostrate, evergreen sub shrub from the Western Mediterranean countries of Europe and North Africa, grows 12” tall and has a indefinite spread.  It produces spearhead shaped, glossy, dark green leaves, to 3” long.  In late winter and early spring, upright shoots bear pale blue to nearly white flowers, to 1 ½” across.

Zones 8-9