Adenanthos demoldii – Scott River Jugflower – Yellow Jugflower –

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Native to Southern and Western Australia this genus of 30 species of shrubs many of which have become endangered in cultivation.  They’re densely hairy and vary in shape as well as the leaves.  The leaves can either simple or divided or lobed or with toothed edges.  The features of this plant give way to a lot of names, like the hairy leaves give way to the common name woolybusles. Or jug flower or basket flowers because of the petals are fused to form a long neck cup or urn at which is where nectar is stored.  It blooms spring to summer and attracts birds.

Will only tolerate to light frost, plant in full sun in well drained soil with good air flow and little to no phosphate, their easy to cultivate.  They respond well to thinning and shaping.

Both foliage and flower will last well as cut flowers.

Adenanthos demoldii – Scott River Jugflower – Yellow Jugflower – A very upright shrub native to western Australia, grows 10’ feet tall.  Bears narrow slightly hairy leaves and golden yellow to orange flowers near branch tip.

Zones 9-10