Agrostemma githago ‘Milas’ – Agrostemma githago ‘Rose Queen’ – Corn Cockle –

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Agrostemma – Corn cockle

This genus of about 4 species of erect branching annuals from stony slopes and cultivated fields from the Mediterranean, in this genus.  Their distinctive features of this genus are long silky hairs on the leaves and the calyx consisting of 5 very long leaf like sepals radiating well beyond that petals. They bear usually solitary large rose pink petal open trumpet shaped flowers with long calyces.  Stems are slender and covered with a soft down.  Best grown as border plant or in cottage gardens or even in a container or cut flower.  In some areas it could be considered a weed.  Seeds if ingested cause severe discomfort.

Will grow in poor well-drained soil in full sun.  Dead heading is essential to prolong flowering, they may need staking.

Prone to fungal leaf spots.

Agrostemma githago ‘Milas’ –Agrostemma githago ‘Rose Queen’ Corn Cockle – This fast growing showy annual grows 2-3’ feet tall and a foot wide.  In late spring to early autumn it bears funnel shaped deep plum pink flower 2” long sometimes white, atop of hairy stalks.  The linear to lance shaped gray green leaves are 3” long.

Zones 8-10