Anemone ‘Slyphide’ – bulb


Anemone coronaria – Poppy anemone – Wind Poppy – Florist’s Anemone – This erect perennial, is treated as an annual, is the most commonly planted and grows 12-18” tall and only 6” wide and derives from the Mediterranean. It sends out knobby tubers that produce rounded to oval 3 palmate mid green basal and stem leaves 2-5” long finely lobed leaflets. In spring solitary showy single scarlet blue or white flowers 1 ¼-4” wide with 5-8 tepals are borne. Excellent as a cut flower.

These frost hardy plants like light gritty, moderately fertile soil in full sun with good drainage. Cut back after flowering to maintain compactness, if left un-trimmed they become leggy.

zone 5-9