Andropogon gerardii ‘Roundtree’ – Big Bluestem – Turkey Foot – Beard grass – Bluestem


Andropogon – Beard grass – Bluestem

There are over 100 species of annuals or perennials that are vigorous and upright clump forming grass, in this genus.  It produces flat harsh texture linear leaves, which are tinted bluish, purplish, or reddish, curling at the tips as they age.  In mid or late summer it bears racemes or feathery panicles of small spikelet on erect sometimes-branching stems.

Grow in light fertile well-drained, preferably sandy soil in full sun.  It does not tolerate excessive winter moisture.  Cut back old stems to the ground in early spring before growth begins.  Divide from mid spring to early summer.


Andropogon gerardii ‘Roundtree’ – Big Bluestem – Turkey Foot – Grows 6-7’ feet tall and 2’ feet wide.  This densely tuft perennial tolerates harsh conditions.  The narrow erect or arching foliage has blue color at the base taking on a red tinged when mature or in autumn.  On 6’ feet tall stems it bears 3-6 terminal finger like usually purplish 4” long seed heads that turn a rich orange wheat color in autumn.

Zones 2-7