Aruncus dioicus ‘ Aruncus Sylvester ‘ Spiraea aruncus ‘ Goatsbeard ‘


Aruncus – Goat’s Beard

There is 2 or 3 clump forming rhizomatous perennials, in this genus.  They occur from moist, shady woodland, often mountainous areas in sub artic regions of the Northern Hemisphere.  They have alternate, pinnate leaves up to 3” long with conspicuously veined and toothed leaflets.  They bear tiny unisexual (occasional bisexual) white or creamy flowers ¼” wide in pyramidal terminal panicles 8-18” long held above the leaves.  Flowers are great for cutting or drying.  Also a great plant for rock garden or woodland garden or along streams or ponds.

Grow these very frosts hardy plants in moist fertile, humus rich, soil in full or partial shade.  Divide in early spring or in autumn.

Prone to fly larvae and tarnished plant bugs.

Aruncus dioicus – Aruncus Sylvester – Spiraea aruncus – Goatsbeard – This woodland clump forming perennial found from Europe to Eastern Siberia and North America grow 6’ feet tall and spread to 4’ feet wide. It produces 2 pinnate, toothed, hairless fern like rich green leaves to 3’ feet long with ovate leaflets.  In early and mid summer, pyramidal panicles to 20” long of greenish or creamy white flowers appear.  The male species have inflorescences are creamy white while the females are more pendent and greenish white.

Zones 3-8