Avena sativa – Cereal Oats – Oats


Avena – Oats

There around 25 species, of annual grasses in this genus. They derive from temperate Europe.  Mostly slender erect habit annuals bear panicles of pendulous seed heads that open to reveal grain surround by bristles and in some species have long twisted ‘awns’ as well.

Only the cereal species in this genus is ever grown.  Grown as a spring and summer crop in wide range of climatic conditions and tolerates quite poor soils.  When dried the weedy species is useful in dried floral arrangements

Avena sativa – Cereal Oats – This hybrid evolved from wild oats (Avena fatua) by human selection in Eastern Europe or Western Asia.  It bears drooping pointed seed heads arranged in elongated spikes.  It is the most easily recognized cereals.