Bignonia capreolata – Doxantha capreolata – Cross-vine – Trumpet Flower – Doxantha –


Bignonia – Cross-vine – Trumpet Flower – Doxantha –

There is a single species of a semi evergreen woody climber, in this genus. It occurs in moist forest of North America. It is grown for its cymes of 2-5 trumpet shaped flowers. Train on a wall or over a pergola or tree.

Grow in fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun. Prune in spring

Prone to black mildew, powdery mildew, Cercospora leaf spot, botryosphaeria dieback.

B. capreolata – Doxantha capreolata – Cross vine – This vigorous, climber from Southern Ontario reaches 20-60′ feet high. It produces opposite leaves to 7″ long, usually consisting of 2-4 oblong-ovate to lance shaped, deep green, leaflets with wavy edges and one tendril. In late spring and early summer it bears fragrant bell shaped flowers, to 2″ long densely clusters at the leaf axils, flowers are red-brown outside and yellow-orange inside followed in fall by a pod like fruit up to 6″ long.

Zones 6-9