Lobelia cardinalis – Cardinal flower –


Lobelia cardinalis

L. cardinalis – Cardinal Flower – This short-lived, clump forming, semi aquatic perennial found from New Brunswick to Michigan to Texas and Florida grows to 36″ tall and 12″ wide. From short rhizomes it sprouts reddish purple stems which carry narrowly ovate to oblong-lance shaped, toothed, often glossy, bronze-tinged, bright green leaves, to 4″ long. In late summer to mid autumn it bears brilliant scarlet-red flower, to 2″ long, with reddish purple bracts.

perennial – Grow these frost hardy to frost tender plants in deep, fertile, reliably moist soil enriched with compost, in full sun or partial shade. They resent wet conditions in winter. Grow aquatic in containers of acidic soil at the margins of a pool or stream. Divide in spring/fall. Prune after flowering to encourage2nd flush of flowers. Some benefit from a liquid fertilize weekly during the season.

zones 2-8