Celosia – Cockscomb – Chinese Woodflower –


annual – Outdoors, after any danger of frost
has passed, plant in constantly moist but well drained, fertile soil in a
sheltered position in full sun, water freely in dry weather.

Celosia – Cockscomb – Chinese Woodflower

There are about 60 species of erect annuals, perennial and shrubs, in this genus. They occur from dry slopes, stony soil, and scrub in subtropical and tropical Asia, Africa, and North, Central, and South America. Celosias have alternate, strongly veined, lobed or simple, oval to lance shaped leaves and brightly colored terminal or axillary cymes of tiny flowers. The cultivars often have plume like or crested inflorescences: the upright 4-10″ long feathery pyramidal hot colored plumes of Plumosa group cultivars are frequently used for summer bedding, while Cristata group cultivars, with their tightly 3-12″ bizarre wavy crests coral like clustered flowers, available in many colors, make interesting subjects for growing in containers. Both groups are treated as annuals, they provide good cut flowers, either fresh or dried.