Chaerophyllum hirsutum ‘Roseum’ – Chaerophyllum hirsutum ‘Rubrifolium’ –


Chaerophyllum –

There are about 35 species of taprooted or tuberous annuals, biennials, and perennials, in this genus. They occur from meadows, hedgerows, and open woodland in temperate, Northern Hemisphere. They have fern like, pinnate to 3 pinnate leaves and bears compound umbels of small, white, pink, or yellow flowers. Use in a border or a woodland garden, the leaves or roots of some species have some culinary use.

Grow in moist but well drained soil in fertile soil in sun or partial shade.

Prone to aphids, powdery mildew, slugs and snails

Chaerophyllum hirsutum ‘Roseum’ – Chaerophyllum hirsutum ‘Rubrifolium’ – This upright, hairy perennial found from Spain and France to Southwestern Russia grows 24″ tall and 12″ wide. It produces 2 or 3 pinnate, apple scented, mid green, sometimes purple flushed leaves, 5-12″ long, with ovate to heart shaped, toothed leaflets. From late spring to mid summer it bears umbels of pink flowers, 2 ½” across.

Zones 6-9