Taxus cuspiata – Compact spreading yew –


Taxus cuspiata

great for low/foundation evergreen hedge

comes 12-18″, 18-24″, 24-30″, 30-36″ inches tall

T. cuspidata – Japanese yew – One of the faster growing Yews it reaches 15-50′ feet tall and 20-25′ feet wide and its found naturally occurring in Northeastern China and Japan. It has grayish brown bark. It forms a broadly columnar shrub or small tree with linear, spiny tipped, dark green leaves, up to 1″ long, arranged in a ā€œVā€ shape, tawny or yellow green beneath, turning red-green over winter, and narrowly parted either side of the shoots. Scarlet arils are up to 11/2″ across. Tolerant of dry and shady conditions.

Grow in any well drained, fertile soil, including alkaline or chalky, acidic soils, in sun or deep shade. Trim hedges in summer and early fall. Salt tolerant

zones 5-7