Coniogramme japonica – Bamboo Fern –

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Coniogramme –

There are about 20 species of clump forming, evergreen, semi evergreen or deciduous, terrestrial ferns, in this genus. They occur in moist woodland in Asia. Creeping rhizomes sprout 3 pinnate, pale to dark green fronds with strap shaped to ovate or oblong pinnae, pointed at the tips. Sporangia, not protected by indusia, are borne in rows on the undersides of the fronds. Suitable for a shady border or woodland garden.

Grow in moist but well drained, fertile, neutral to acidic, leafy soil in partial shade. Provide shelter from strong wind. Divide rhizomes in late spring.

Prone to slugs.

C. japonica – Bamboo Fern – This deciduous, sometimes evergreen fern from Eastern Asia grows 30″ tall and 32″ wide. It produces oblong to linear lance shaped fronds, 20-24″ long, pinnate at the tips and 2 pinnate at the bases. Narrowly ovate, pale green pinnae may have central yellow marks.

Zones 6-10