Crocosmia ‘Norwich Canary’ – Antholyza – Curtonus – Montbretia –


Crocosmia – Antholyza – Curtonus – Montbretia –

There are about 7 species of clump forming, cormous perennials, in this genus. They occur in grassland in South Africa. They produce erect, linear-lance shaped, bayonet shaped leaves are mostly ribbed or sometimes pleated, mainly mid green, sometimes pale green or brownish green, usually 24-36″ long. They are grown for their funnel shaped, brightly colored flowers, borne in mid and late summer atop of often branched spikes on wiry stems. Grow at the edge of a shrub border or in clumps in herbaceous border. They make excellent cut flowers.

Plant 3-4″ deep in spring, in moderately fertile, humus rich, moist but well drained soil in sun or partial shade,. Lift and divide congested clumps in spring to maintain vigor.

Prone to spider mites.

Zones 6-9