Darmera peltata – Peltiphyllum peltatum – Peltiphyllum – Umbrella Plant – Indian Rhubarb –


Darmera – Peltiphyllum – Umbrella Plant – Indian Rhubarb

There is a single species of a herbaceous perennial, in this genus. It occurs from mountain stream sides in woodland in Western USA. With its large, bold, peltate leaves, which appear after the star shaped, white to pink flowers are followed by inedible fruit, D. peltata forms an umbrella like clump suitable for a pond or stream bank.

Grow in moist or boggy soil (although it will tolerate drier conditions but not drought), in sun or partial shade. Divide in spring.

D. peltata – Peltiphyllum peltatum – This slowly spreading, rhizomatous perennial found from Southwestern Oregon to Northwestern California grows 4′ feet tall and at least 3′ feet wide. It produces leaf stalks to 4′ feet long, and peltate, rounded, deeply lobed, coarsely toothed, conspicuously veined, dark green leaves, to 245″ across, that turn red in autumn. In late spring it bears rounded cymes of numerous 5 petaled, white to bright pink flowers, to ½” across, are carried on flower stems to 6′ feet long.

Zones 5-9