Dodecatheon Clevelandii – Shooting Stars –


Dodecatheon – Shooting Stars

There are about 14 species of perennial, in this genus. They occur in damp grassland or high alpine meadows, occasionally in woodland, in Western North America. They have basal rosettes of ovate to inversely lance shaped, spoon shaped, or oblong, usually hairless leaves. Umbels of pendent, cyclamen like flowers are borne on arching stems, the petals swept back, displaying long, pointed stamens and styles. They go dormant in summer, after flowering, and are suitable for a woodland or rock garden.

Grow in moist but well drained, humus rich, acidic soil in sun or partial shade, with abundant moisture in the growing season. Divide in late winter or spring but dislike disturbance.

Prone to rust, slugs and snails.

D. Clevelandii – This rosette forming perennial from California grows 16″ tall and 6″ wide. It produces spoon shaped to ovate, irregularly toothed, fleshy, pale green leaves, to 2 ½” long. In early spring it bears umbels of up to 20 reddish purple flowers, to 3/4″ long, with yellow tubes, spotted purple at the throats..

Zones 5-7