Eremurus himalaicus – Himalayan Foxtail Lily – Desert Candle – Foxtail Lily –

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Eremurus – Desert Candle – Foxtail Lily –

There are about 50 species of clump forming, fleshy rooted perennials, in this genus. They occur in dry grassland and semi-desert in Western and Central Asia. It produces leafless flowering stems, usually on per crown, each produce a dense racemes of 100’s of star shaped, usually pink, white, or yellow flowers, with conspicuous stamens in early summer. Tufted rosettes of folded, linear to lance shaped, basal leaves die back to the conical crown after flowering. Grow in a border, need winter cold to induce flowering.

Grow in fertile, sandy, well drained loam in full sun, with shelter from wind. Protect with a heavy mulch to ensure the soil does not freeze. May need support. Divide carefully after flowering.

Prone to slugs.

E. himalaicus – Himalayan Foxtail Lily – This clump or tuft forming perennial from Kashmir, and Northwestern Himalayas grows 4-6′ feet tall. It produces basal strap shaped, bright green leaves, 12″ long. In late spring and early summer it bears star shaped pure white flowers, 1″ across, with long stamens, in racemes to 3′ feet long. It requires staking.

Zones 5-8