Galega ‘Candida’ – Galega x hartlandii ‘Candida’- Goat’s Rue –


Galega – Goat’s Rue

There are about 6 species of clump forming, herbaceous, perennials, in this genus. They occur in sunny but damp meadows, slopes, and banks in Europe, Western Asia, and the mountains of tropical Eastern Africa. They have alternate, pinnate, soft green or blue tinged leaves, 3-8″ long, and bears erect, axillary racemes of pea like, white, blue, mauve, or bicolored flowers. Galega species and cultivars naturalize well, and are effective in a border from mid summer onward, some are also good for cutting.

Grow in any, preferably moist soil in full sun or partial shade. They need staking, and may spread rapidly in rich soil.. Cut back flowered stems to prevent self seeding. Divide between late autumn and spring.

Prone to pea weevils and bean weevils.

G. ‘Candida’ – G. x hartlandii ‘Candida’ – This erect, clump forming perennial grows 5′ feet tall and 3′ feet wide. It produces pinnate, soft green leaves, with oval leaflets, 2″ long. From early summer to early autumn it bears pure white flowers, the standard petals to 3/4″ across, are carried in racemes to 6″ long.

Zones 5-10