Heptacodium micronioides – Seven-son Flower –


Heptacodium – Seven-son Flower

There are 2 species of vigorous, deciduous shrubs or small trees, in this genus. They occur in mountains at elevations of 2,000′ feet high, in China. They produce opposite, pointed, rounded or heart shaped leaves with wavy edges, and bear inflorescences of single, fragrant, creamy white flowers. These are followed by spherical purple fruits, which fall, leaving the particularly prominent, persistent calyces. Heptacodium are ideal for an urban garden, since they have good drought and salt tolerance.

Grow in moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun to light, dappled shade.

H. micronioides – This vigorous, multi stemmed shrub or small tree from China grows 20′ feet tall and 8-10′ feet wide. It has attractive, peeling, light tan to brown bark. It produces ovate,. Wavy edged, prominently veined, light to mid green young leaves are 3-4″ long, maturing to dark green, often becoming purple tinged in autumn. From late summer to late autumn, it bears inflorescences to 1 1/4″ across, of small fragrant, creamy white flowers, followed by clusters of spherical purple fruit, to 3/4″ long, becoming tan with age. These drop, leaving behind prominent persistent calyces.

Zones 5-9