Chamaecyparis obtuse ‘Gracilis’ – Hinoki


C. obtusa – Cupressus obtusa – Hinoki Cypress – Hinoki False Cypress – This slow growing, broadly, conical, coniferous tree from Japan grows 60-120′ feet tall and 20′ feet wide but is usually half that in cultivation. It can develop a 4′ foot diameter trunk covered in rusty colored stringy bark. It produces glandless, opposite, blunt, deep green mature leaves, bright silvery white stripped beneath, are borne in 2 unequal pairs, leaves release an unpleasant smell when crushed. The green, then brown, female cones are to 3/4″ across and have 8-12 scales. Male cones are spherical, orange-brown, and to ½” across. In Japan it is valued for its timber. It’s cultivars which are dwarf and colored are more likely seen in gardens.

Tolerant of alkaline soils but best grown in moist but well drained, preferably neutral to slightly acidic soil in full sun.Trim hedges from late spring to early autumn, but do not cut into older wood.

zones 4-9