Hippophae sinensis – Chinese Sea Buckthorn –

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Hippophae –

There are 3 species of spiny, deciduous, dioecious shrubs and trees, in this genus. They occur in Northern Europe and Asia in coastal dunes, and in screes and on riverbanks in the Mountains. They are grown for their linear or linear-oblong, silvery, gray-green or mid green leaves, and for their spherical, usually long lasting, orange, fruits. Both male and female plants are needed to produce fruit. Inconspicuous flowers are held in racemes in spring. Grow in a mixed or shrub border, in a wild garden, or as specimens plants. In coastal areas, H, rhamnoides is used for windbreaks, hedging, and for stabilizing sand dunes.

Grow in full sun im moist but well drained, neutral to alkaline, preferably sandy soil. Tolerant of salt laden winds.

H. sinensis – Chinese Sea Buckthorn – This deciduous tree found from temperate Eastern Asia to Western China grows quickly to around 15′ feet tall and can eventually reach 40′ feet tall. It bears edible fruit, yielding medicinal oil and having local importance as a fuel, this is a very useful plant. It is closely related to H. rhamnoides but differ in its winter buds and fruit. It flowers in spring, and in autumn female tree produce a heavy crop of edible fruit that is very rich in vitamin C.

Zones 4-9