Jamesia americana – Cliff bush – Wax flower –

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Jamesia –

There is a single species of a deciduous shrub in this genus.  It is found natuerally occurring in mountainous areas of Western USA.  It has papery bark and produces simple, toothed, rough textured leaves held in opposite pairs.  It is grown for its 5 petaled, star shaped white flowers, borne in late spring and early summer carried in small, terminal panicles.  Jamesia is suitable for a shrub border or large rock garden.

Grow in fertile, well drained soil in full sun.

J. americana – Cliff bush – Wax flower – This small, spreading, deciduous shrub from western USA grows to 5’ feet tall and a little wider.   It has peeling papery bark and produces ovate, toothed, rough textured, velvety gray-green leaves, to 3” long, sometimes turning red in autumn.  In late spring and early summer in bear panicles to 2 ½” long of star shaped, slightly fragrant white flower, ½” across.

Zones 5-9