Kelseya uniform –

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Kelseya –

There is a sole species of a evergreen, cushion forming sub shrub in this genus.  Found in rocky crevices and scree in the Rocky Mountains.  Grown for its neat rosettes of silvery green foliage, it also bears solitary star shape flowers, borne in early summer.  It resents winter moisture, and is best grown in scree bed, trough, or vertical rock crevices.

Grow in very gritty, humus rich, moist but sharply drained soil, in full sun, provide overhead protection from rain in winter.

Prone to aphids and gray mold.

Kelseya uniform – This slow growing, cushion forming, sub shrub from the Rocky Mountains grows 3” tall and 6” wide.  It forms tight rosettes of overlapping, ovate, leathery, dark green leaves, to 1/8” long, clothed in silky silver hairs.  In early summer it bears solitary, stemless, star shaped, white or pink flushed flowers, 3/8” across, emerge from pink buds held just above the foliage.  Does not reliably flower freely.

Zones 5-7