Koelreuteria paniculata ‘Fastigiata’ – China Tree – Golden Rain Tree – Varnish Tree – Pride of India –


Koelreuteria –

There are three species of deciduous trees and shrubs in this genus.  Found in dry valley woodlands in Eastern Asia.  They produce alternate, pinnate or 2 pinnate leaves and large pyramidal panicles, 4-14” long of shallowly bowl shaped flowers, followed by unusually inflated fruit capsules.  They are fine specimen trees, flowering best in areas with hot summers.

Grow in moderately fertile, well drained and aerated soil in full sun.

Prone to dieback, canker, mushroom root rot, and wilt.

K. paniculate ‘Fastigiata’ – China Tree – Golden Rain Tree – Varnish Tree – Pride of India – This slow growing, columnar habit tree grows to 30-50’ feet tall but usually less in cultivation.  It has furrowed bark.  It produces pinnate or bi-pinnate leaves to 18” long consisting of ovate-oblong, scalloped leaflets.  Emerging leaves are pink-red, becoming mid green and the in autumn turn a butter yellow to orange.  In mid and late summer it bears small yellow flowers, ½” across carried in large panicles, to 12” long, followed by bladder-like, pink or red flushed fruit capsules, to 2” long.

Zones 6-9