Stachys monnieri – Lamb’s ear – Woolly betony –


S. byzantina – S. lanata – S. olympica – Lamb’s Ears – Lamb’s Tails – Lambs Tongues – Woolly Betony – This mat forming, densely white woolly perennial, from the Caucasus to Iran grows 12-18″ tall and 24″ wide. It produces rosettes of lance shaped, thick, wrinkled, veined, gray green leaves, to 4″ long, which are woolly like a lambs ear. Erect stems bear interrupted spikes of woolly, mauve purple flowers, ½” long, from summer to early autumn. Makes a good groundcover. Leaves turn to mush in very cold, humid, or wet weather.

Grow in well drained, moderately fertile soil in full sun, S. macrantha, S. officinalis, and S. sylvatica tolerate partial shade. Grow rock garden species in sharply drained, gritty soil in a sunny site, protect from excessive winter moisture. Divide in spring when growth begins.

zones 4-8