Doronicum oriental ‘Golden Pygmy’ – Leopard’s bane –


Doronicum oriental ‘Golden Pygmy’


comes in 1 or 2 gallon pots

D. orientale – D. caucasicum – This slowly spreading, rhizomatous perennial from Southeastern Europe, the Caucasus, Turkey, and Lebanon grows 24″ tall and 36″ wide. It produces ovate-elliptic, gentle scallops, sparsely hairy basal leaves, 2 ½-4″ long, with heart shaped bases, and a few elliptic to ovate-lance shaped stem leaves. In mid and late spring it bears solitary, golden yellow flowers, 1-2″ across, atop of slender stems.

Grow in moist, humus rich soil in partial or light, dappled shade. Do best in reasonably fertile, moist but well drained, preferably sandy soil in partial shade, they go completely dormant in summer. They do not tolerate drought. Divide in early autumn

zone 4-8