Maianthemum canadense – May Lily – False Lily-of-the-valley – Two-leafed Solomon’s Seal –


Maianthemum – May Lily – False Lily-of-the-valley – Two-leafed Solomon’s Seal –

There are 3 species of creeping, rhizomatous perennial in this genus. They occur in woodland in the Northern Hemisphere. They are grown for their dense, terminal racemes of tiny, fluffy, star shaped, 4 petaled white flowers, followed by red berries (which can be their showy feature), and for their alternate, heart shaped leaves, borne on upright stems. May lilies are useful as a groundcover in a wild or woodland garden.

Grow in humus rich, leafy moist but well drained, neutral to acidic soil in light dappled or deep shade. Can become invasive. Divide in spring.

Prone to rust, leaf spot, and snails and slugs.

M. canadense – This vigorous ground cover has slender stems bearing spike of small white flowers in late spring and early summer, these are followed by red berries. The large, wavy edged, upright, oval leaves are glossy green. It reaches only 4″ tall.

Zones 4-9