Maurandya purpusii – Asarina purpusii –

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Maurandya –

There are 2 species of twinning, woody based, herbaceous, perennial climbers in this genus. They occur in rocky areas and woodland in Mexico and Central America. The leaves are triangular to broadly ovate, sometimes heart shaped at the bases and occasionally 5 lobed and soft green. Throughout summer and autumn it bears solitary, trumpet shaped blooms. Use to clothe a trellis, or grow against a wall or through shrubs or small trees. Where not hardy grow as an annual.

Grow in moderately fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun. Remove dead top growth in autumn.

M. purpusii – Asarina purpusii – This tuberous climber from Mexico grows 24″ tall. It produces triangular-ovate, softy hairy, mid green leaves, to 3″ long, sometimes coarsely toothed. Throughout summer and autumn it bears purplish pink flowers, to 1 ½” long.

Zones 9-10