Picea Norway spruce –



evergreen tree

comes 4-5′, 5-6′, 6-7′ 7-8′ feet tall and larger

P. abies – Common Spruce – Norway Spruce – This slow growing conical tree when young later columnar from Southern Scandinavia to Central and Southern Europe grows 70-140′ feet tall and 20′ feet wide. It has a straight orange brown bark that matures to reddish, which sheds in scales. It produces blunt, 4-sided, dark green leaves, to 1″ long, pointing forward and upward on the shoots, and cigar shaped, erect, deep green, later brown, pendent female cones 4-8″ long. The most commonly spruce-traditional X-mas tree in Europe.

Grow in any deep, moist but well drained, ideally neutral to acidic soil in full sun. It will not withstand polluted environments.

Zones 3-8