Picea orientalis ‘Orient Skylands’ – Orient Skylands Spruce –


Picea orientalis ‘Orient Skylands’

has creamy gold needles that last all year


comes 2-3′, 3-4′, 4-5′ feet tall and larger

P. orientalis – Caucasian Spruce – Oriental Spruce – This slow growing pyramidal-columnar tree from the Caucasus and Northeastern Turkey grows 100′ feet tall and 25′ feet wide. It has smooth, pink gray bark, becoming cracked with age, and hairy, gray brown shoots. It produces very short, blunt, 4 sided, glossy, dark green leaves, 1/4-3/8″ long, are arranged radially on the shoots. Males cones are brick red appearing in spring. Female cones are ovoid-conical, dark purple, later brown and 2 ½-4″ long.

‘Skylands’ – has creamy gold color that last all year

Grow in any deep, moist but well drained, ideally neutral to acidic soil in full sun. It will not withstand polluted environments.

Zones 5-8