Cortaderia s. ‘Pampass Grass’ – Pampass grass –


Cortaderia s. ‘Pampass Grass’

semi evergreen perennial

comes in 3 or 5 gallon

Cortaderia – Pampass Grass – Tussock Grass –

grow in fertile well drained soil in full sun, with ample space to de3velop. Protect crowns of young plant during winter. Cut and comb out the previous year’s growth annually, in late winter or early spring, taking care to avoid leaf edges because they cut you or other severe cuts.

C. selloana – C. argentea – Pampass Grass – from temperate South America grows 8-10′ feet tall in densely tufted, clump forming, evergreen, perennial grass with arching, glaucose, mid green leaves to 8′ feet or more long. In late summer, silky, silver, often pink- or purple flushed spikelets are borne in pyramidal to oblong panicles, 18-36″ inches long, on erect stems.

zones 4-9

zones 6-10