Pellaea rotundifolia – Button Fern – Round-leafed Fern – Tarawera – fern


Pellaea –
There are about 80 species of deciduous or evergreen, terrestrial ferns in the Pteridaceae family, in this genus. They occur usually in sheltered sites in semi desert regions, mainly in South Africa and South America, but also in Canada, the USA, and Australasia. They produce pinnate or bipinnate fronds arise from an erect, brown and scaly rhizomes in spring. The sori are produced around the segment edged. Grow in a terrace or rock garden.
Grow in moderately fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun, with some midday shade. Where marginally hardy, protect with a dry winter mulch. Tolerant of hard clay.
Prone to fungal spots, root rot, and mealybugs.

P. rotundifolia – Button Fern – Round-leafed Fern – Tarawera -This ground dwelling, evergreen fern from Australis and New Zealand grows 12″ tall and 16″ wide. It produces tuft of narrowly oblong, pinnate, leathery, dull dark green fronds, 6-12″ long, with red flushed midribs, and narrowly oblong to rounded, glossy, pinnae, with finely scalloped edges. Prefers moist, acidic soil.
Zones 8-10