Peltandra virginica – Peltandra undulata – Arrow Arum – Green Arrow Arum – Tuckahoe – Water Arum


Peltandra – Arrow Arum –
There are about 4 rhizomatous, monoecious, marginal aquatic perennials from Eastern North America marshland. They have decorative, arrow shaped or spear shaped, glossy, mid or dark green leaves. Tiny male and female flowers are borne on spadices, inside a longer, sometimes wavy edged, green or white spathe, and are followed by clusters of green or red berries. Grow on the muddy banks of a pond or a bog garden, the rhizomes help stabilize the soil. May become invasive.
Grow in full sun, in the margins of a pond or in containers of loamy soil in water to 8″ deep.

P. virginica – P. undulata – Green Arrow Arum – Tuckahoe – Water Arum – This aquatic perennial from Eastern and southeastern USA grows 36″ tall and 24″ wide. It produces narrowly arrow shaped, strongly veined, mid green leaves, 12″ long, held on stalks to 18″ long. In early summer it bears green spathes, 8″ long, which open slightly, with wavy, yellow or white edges, followed by green berries.
Zones 5-9